Unable to download file by using file path as attribute value

I have generated a simple excel file and saved it in deployment/web folder, on one page i am saving the file information as file name, date of creation and file path. i.e deployment/web folder address. I am using an action button with on click event as open link. Now in address if i select “Use literal value” as /text.xls i am able to download the generated excl file. But if i select “Use attribute” which is string /text.xls  I can’t download the file…  the file path attribute string is generated in JAVA as   String FilePath = "/"+FileName ;  where file name is a string name generated for file  is  there any clue how should i set the attribute name so i can download the file?   is there any parsing method? i checked google and mendix but didn’t found any method 
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It is possible to download a file via a microflow. Then the filename is not visible to anyone.
If all goes well, your document is the FileDocument entity or a generalization of it. In the microflow you choose the activity "Download file" and you give your object as a parameter.

I hope this helps you.