Listen to a Widget from another page

Hallo,   is it possible to Listen to a Widget from another page ? I want to reach something like the “Master Detail” Building block, but the result on the right should be on another page. I have tried to build this but I can’t find the List which I want to listen from in the other page. I tought about a Microflow but I don’t know how to listen to a Widget(List). Regards, Aftab  
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Hi Aftab,

The listen to widget data source is for when you want to populate a dataview from a selection of a list on the same page. If you want a user to select a record from a list and then show a new page with that record, then you would pass that object to a new page. 

Here is an example for a datagrid. You can add a button to your control bar and set it to open a page. Then when you create your new page you can add a dataview that is the same type of the datagrid. When a user clicks your button it will open your new page and pass the object that was selected in the list.


I would also check out the learning paths.

Hope this helps!