Capture multiple recrods

Hello, I have a transaction table and again the one record in transaction table there are multiple comment enter by user’s . I have created domain model for comment and tran table and create the relationship. Somehow i am not able to get the list of records in my data view on page.  How we do in mendix? Thanks.
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Hi Arvind,

You can use a datagrid over association in your dataview to display the associated comments. 

If you have a domain model like this


and a datagrid like this


Then you can create an edit page that looks like this.


The datagrid’s datasource is set to over an association and I picked the comments association.



Hope this helps!




I have created as below. 

Step 1.  


Step 2 : 


Step 3 : 




Hello Arvind, you also can have a look in the Academy section of the website. There are some helpful learning paths around those topics.