Group Box in a ListView, with a DataView that listens to listview

Hello, I have the following situation. On the left side of my website is a listview with items. This list view has a group box for each row. On the right (main) side of my website is a dataview that shows a map and more info of the row when it is selected in the group box.   My problem is, the dataview only shows data when you expand the group box and click on the information that is shown underneat. This does not look and feel natural, does anyone have a solution so the dataview is refreshed as soon as you click on the header of the group box?
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Hi Richard,

I suppose you want to utilize the group box collapse/expand functionality?

If so, then you might try some other ‘tricks’, for instance; you can try modeling a similar UI functionality with some on change microflows in combination with conditional visibility. Also I've seen similar cases in which people used CSS to show/hide content of a list view item, so that the list view item itself becomes collabsible. Maybe that's something you could look into?