Bootstrap tooltip width

Anyone else having trouble changing the width of the “BootstrapTooltip” widget?  I’m working on a project where I need to show the last 5 “notes” of an object in a list when I hover over it’  The logic works fine and the widget works great, but the tooltip is super skinny (max-width of 200px) and a 3 sentence note takes 20+ lines.  it appears that the tooltip is generating style from an “id” tag rather than a class.  Is it possible to change the width to a set px? Thanks!
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Hi Bill,

You can increase the width by adding this class to your style sheets.

.tooltip-inner {
    max-width: 1000px !important; //define whatever width you want


Hope this helps!


You can apply custom css styles, as by increasing the width of tooltip as per your requirement. It should work fine!


IMHO the best solution is to create your custom CSS class and overwrite tooltip width. Regarding Austin’s code – you don't need to use !important rule. Better is to use proper CSS selectors and it is enough.