Learning path using Web Modeler 4.5.1 no create object action for Add button?

Using the Web Modeler because there is no desktop modeler for OSX.   In the Learning path Become a Rapid Developer (Analyst)/Add Data to your App, section 4.5.1, the first step is: In the error list, find the error that is related to the Course Overview page and click that error. This will open the Course Overview page with the green Add button selected. In the Properties pane, select the correct entity for the button.   However, the complete list of actions in the More On Click Action menu includes Delete Object, but no Create Object nor a place to select the Entity type.        
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Hello, Marla! Have You already connected entities with overview pages? 

Try to choose “Page” as On Click Action and after that you will see chexbox “Create Object”. And won’t forget select entity. Maybe it helps you.


Yes  thank you, that does help me!  

I’m being too literal.  I’m a manager and former backend developer, so I wanted to create the object.  I wasn’t thinking about a front end page to collect data for the new object, duh.  I already created new pages for each list of objects, from  the home page, so I was rejecting the idea of a new page when creating an object.

Thank you so much.  I don’t have time to try it  right this second but it seems very likely that it will work….. :-)