How to add blinking notification

Hi all, Simple question; I want the user to be notified when a long running microflow is done, using some sort of notification. The important thing is that the browser somehow starts blinking, kind of the same thing that happens when you are prompted for a download. Is there a widget for this? I already found the Pusher widget (, but it's quite a hassle to implement this just for this cause.    So the use case is: a user presses a button, when it's done the user needs to be notified with a pop up and a blinking browser. Any ideas?    Thanks in advance!
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You could try to solve it with a JS action. You could use the HTML/JS module fomr the app store, to build the JS and use it for your text attribute.


Thank you for your answer, it works. I implemented this solution: 

For other people who might want to do this, I did it as follows:

1 – Download ‘jquery.titlealert.js’  and add it to your theme folder.

2 – Also add the jQuery library if it's not already in there: 

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.titlealert.js"></script>

3 – Add the following snippet to your index.html in your theme folder

<script src=""></script>


4 – Add a HTML snippet to the page you want to initiate the blinking with this JavaScript code: 

$.titleAlert("Your message here.", {


That’s it. Thanks Gerrit for the suggestion.