Constraining a Reference Selectors object [using a Select Page] on a Non-Persistable page.

Hello, I have a reference selector on a Non-Persistable page. I want to constrain the selectable objects in [Tab2] using another entity [Tab1]: Domain model: As the attributes used in the reference selectors are numbers, I wish to use a page to help the user select the correct object (here I can show more meaning full information to aid them in their selection). In the widget, I can’t used the “contrain by” option as it’s a NPE, nor can I use the $currentObject in the XPATH. This leaves me with the microflow option but this cannot be used in conjunction with the “select page” option. :(   Is there a way around this, where I can use a NPE object AND use a selectable page?   Best Regards Adrian
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Yes you could by not using the default reference selectors.

Instead you could use a text box or something to display the reference and use a cusom microflow button next to it to open a page whith the NPE as a dataview object. In it you can set a grid for selection with a datasource microflow.

It's a bit more work but you can achieve the goal.