Filter on List view control

Dear Mendix colleagues, I have a challenge, I have a database with products in a template grid. I used the List view controls-widget to create custom filters to filter down the product based on what I am looking for. Now I want that also the filters react on what I filter. In essence, I want to create a filter path. See for instance the simplified situation created in the image of the domain model. When I select a market (as shown on the page-image), I want to see only the Applications that belong to that Market. The same applies to SubApplication when I select an Application. I am struggling with this for a while now and don't come any further.   I hope that I am clear enough and that you can help me.   Kind regards.  
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I would recommend you look at the Grid Search widgets.  They provide the kind of search dependency you are describing (i.e. if I select a Market, I will only see the Applications available in that Market, etc.)  I am not sure that the List View controls have that capability.

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You mean a construction like this? When you select a market in the datagrid, the dataview below will only show applications that have an association to the market