Calendar widget configuration problems

Hello everyone, Im having trouble with the calendar widget from I have a Diary object, which has CalendarItem objects. And my page looks like this: But when I load my calendar, my CalendarItem does not show up, and I get the error message: Error in calendar configuration: Main.Home.calendar1: Context entity does not match the event entity Which makes no sense to me because the context entity is Diary and it needs to show the associated CalenderItems. Also there is constant warnings about how the event entity should not be the same as the context entity. If I choose event entity to be the context entity Diary, I cannot map the title, allday, start, end and color attributes.   How should I build my page in order to show these calenderitems? Are there any example projects to be found somewhere where I can see the model?
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There are a number of things happening with this. 

For the Data source, you choose one of the options.  In your case, you chose Context, so you don’t need the Microflow that you’ve selected on this page.

Once you select Diary as the context entity, you should be able to navigate to the Calendar item attributes via the association between Diary and CalendarItem.  You should have this ability to navigate to these attributes after you click the Select button for each of the event attributes (Title, Start, End, etc.)

Configured this way, you’ll get all of the CalendarItems associated with the Diary object retrieved by microflow DS_DiaryGet.

Hope that helps,