APM Browser Agent widget not showing - 401 Error

Hi All, We have setup and configured APM and we can see the APM Manager and Agent connects by showing green checkmark on the manager site.  The APM Browser Agent widget unfortunately does not show any information and navigating to /apm/info gives me a 401 Error without any information. Enabled setting to set to Runtime Agent + Browser Agent including guests. I am logging in as a system administrator local account.  
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Hi Schalk

The HTTP 401 Unauthorized for /apm/info is possibly caused because of the webserver before the Mendix application is blocking the url.  If the application is running on-premise the webserver need to allow the url.

For more info on a IIS webserver see: (5.4 Configuring the URL Rewrite)

In Mendix Cloud v3, you need to allow the request handler /apm.


To check if the browseragent is loaded correctly open the browser developer tools and take a look at the Network tab. 


If the browser agent is loaded successfully and placed on a page, snippet or layout that a user will open in the application this will be visible on the APM Dashboard.