Dropdown filtering data in list view

Hi, I want a drop down which will filter the data in the list view when the value is selected from drop down. And the values inside the dropdown should be filled based upon the attribute which is selected. for example: if my data had ID attribute and ha 1 to 100 values in it when i select the dropdown it should automatically take all the 100 values inside it and if i select any value it should filter the data for that particular value. Could you help me out here how to solve my problem. Thanks in advance!
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We usually use the dynamic dropdown widget which comes with the Grid Search extension from the app store. I don't know if it matches your requirements exactly but I would definitly give it a try. https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/49364/Mendix/Grid-Search


  • Dynamic Dropdown: Renders a dropown with a dynamic list of dropdown options for local booleans or enumerations, or a list of options over one or more associations.


I think that you are looking for the following widget: List view controls.

This has the following widgets:

  • Text box search: Search box that can be used to search in multiple attributes or filter on a single attribute.
  • Drop-down filter: Drop-down list with options which can be used to filter the data on various options.
  • Checkbox filter: Checkbox which can be used to filter the data when checked on unchecked.
  • Drop-down sort: Drop-down list with options to sort
  • Pagination: Various pagination options.
  • Header sort: Grid like header, enabling user to sort a list view.


Hope that will help you solve your challenge.




What you want sounds a lot like the option to filter selectable objects based on a constraint path. On a reference selector, go to properties, then Selectable Objects:


On the bottom you see 'Constrained by’. If you select a constraint path here, the dropdown list is updated based on a selected value within the constrain path. A regular constraint will only be updated upon loading a page, the paths will be updated upon selecting another value.

For example: you have an article within a product group, like TV's. Within that product group, you'd like to select a sub category. Like the size. But you don't want the size dropdown to show size options from other product groups like speakers. In the domain model, set a reference between size and productgroup and set references from article to both product group and size. Now in an article data view you can have 2 dropdowns for both product group and size. On the size reference selector you can set the constrain path to 'Article_ProductGroup/ProductGroup/Productgroup_Size/Size’. This way you can only select sizes based on the selected product group. This also means there will be no sizes shown when you didn't select a product group. More info here: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/reference-selector#constrained-by 

There's also the AutoComplete widget, but this also requires you to type in to search an option: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/2695/

I'm not entirely sure if this is what you were looking for, if not, please give some more details about your specific use case.


Hello Everyone,

The below is my problem where i am facing.

I have this caption field i took it as string but i added as a drop down in the data grid.

but when ever i select something and click on search it is not searching.

How can i have search in the data grid without enumeration?

Could anyone please help me here?

Thanks in adavance