Buttons To Control Camera Widget Not Displaying

I’ve been working on giving offline field users the ability to upload images from their phone’s gallery or directly from a camera snapshot. I’ve been using  this widget in order to achieve this, as it seems a perfect fit for my needs. (I’m working 7.22.2, by the way) However, I’m running into quite a bit of trouble just seeing the buttons to activate the widget. I have one widget set to pull from gallery, one to activate the camera. I’m on a tablet/mobile accessible page. I’ve tested in the developer hybrid app and with offline capable APKs from phonegap. No matter what I try, the buttons to activate the widget simply don’t appear. There are no errors in the console.  I’ve opened up the  Company_Expenses starter up for a bit of guidance- but I’m seeing the same thing in the mobile dev app after scanning the QR code. I don’t exactly know how to debug this, and if anybody has any help, I’d be appreciative. 
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Issue solved. I improperly connected entity to the system.image- and the issue with the Company_Expenses starter app was likely due to the colossal version mismatch.