how to display Answer of every question on same page..

hi i am working on quiz app my query is that i have list of question in my listview widget now when i click on particular question i want to display its respective answers on the side screen.. in the below screenshot i have done it for only true or false question so in this case questions are different but my answer will be only true or false.. but what i want is different answer for different questions.. pls suggest some reading material also.. Thanks
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You need to add a dataview with listen to widget datasource. This dataview would listen to the widget that displays your question.
The dataview now can have a nested listview/datagrid/templategrid, showing all associated answers.



Some reading materials:

  1.  Understand Mendix 
  2. Questionaire example 


Answering your question on how to achieve this: If you want to display the answering options in the same dataview; use conditional visibility