Inline mxui.widget._Button validations

I have an inline mxui.widget._Button in an html snippet The problem is that it triggers validations in a popup, where is this coming from, the button or the HTMLSnippet or the widget baseclass? var wid_btn=mxui.widget._Button(); wid_btn.domNode.innerHTML="Next"; dojo.addClass(wid_btn.domNode,"el_MxValidationFocus") wid_btn.on( 'click', dojo.hitch( this, function(){ setTimeout( dojo.hitch( this, function(){ { params:{ actionname: "ModFoo.ActBar", applyto:"selection", guids:[this.contextObj.getGuid()] }, origin: this.mxform, callback: function(obj) { }, error: function(error) { }, onValidation: function(validations) { } } ); } ), 1000 ) } ) ); wid_btn.placeAt( this.domNode );   * Additionally there is a problem with your cke_html_editor_CKEditorForMendix_widget_CKEditorForMendix it keeps switching to some reverse typing behavior, please fix
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