Line Charts, how to fixe Max Y-Axis

Hi, I Use Line Chartes for percent values in Y AXIS, I would like to scale the Y Axis on 100% to have a real vision. Actually, automaticly the max Y axis is the Max value of my Entity I think the solution is on Custom Settings in toggle Editor but I didn’t find any option for that   Many thanks for your help  
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Hi Vincent,

There are a lot of configuration to make in the Advanced tab of the charts widget. For example:

The last line fell off the screenshot but should be ‘}’ if you want to end layout options for your Y-axis and another ‘}’ if you want to end the whole layout configurations. 

Note that the y-axis range is hardcoded by using “range”: [0,100]. If you want to have a more dynamically range for the y-axis you should customize your widget to accept input from your dataview/page parameter. However, creating that is a bit harder and requires some skill with TypeScript to adjust the widget to your needs.

If you want to try more confiurations you can set the Advanced mode to Developer. If you then run the modeler you are able to adjust the settings of your chart in the front end, without needing to re-run the modeler. 

EDIT: Here is a cheat sheet


Good luck!