Line chart not displaying points in chronological order in the cloud

We have a weird situation with Mendix's Line chart: - the data is displayed fine locally (we tested in 2 laptops), but in the cloud the line points are all messed up (see below) - Initially we thought it was a data issue. But we checked and double checked and the data is correct - The problem we see is that the chart doesn't seem to follow the dates chronologically in the cloud - We tried using the x-axis sorting property using the date, and that does produce similar results locally and in the cloud, but that also presents the points in the wrong chronological order - So, if we don't use the x-axis sorting for the date, it works fine locally, but it doesn't in the cloud. if we use the x-axis sorting, we get similar wrong results - Has anyone seen this behaviour? Any clues on how to solve it?   Locally   Cloud Thanks Gonçalo
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As a workaround in the meantime, you could try adding an AutoNumber attribute to the entities you’re retrieving the data from. Assuming you’re creating the objects in chronological order, you should be able to sort the X-Axis based on this AutoNumber attribute.