Barcode scanner, not designed for web use?

Hi everybody, I'm aware of the fact the barcode scanner is designed for phonegap but doesn't this interfere with the idea that all functionality is offered using the mendix cloud webapps? I.e. I'd like to use the scanner to scan a QR code but get the “no camera found” notification. Funny thing is that if I use the image uploader I am able to access the camera. Therefor I can't imagine this couldn't work using the online web version of the app and scan a barcode this way. Hope you have some ideas! Kind regards Laurens
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Hi Laurens,


I assume it would work without using the Phonegap framework. Someone else recently created a camera widget that does work without it:

Based on that, you could probably create a new version of the Barcode Scanner widget, that also uses HTML5 to access the camera, instead of Phonegap.