SVGRenderer: refresh image

I'm using the awesome SVGRenderer to create an SVG. The SVGRenderer is placed in a Dataview. I would like to refresh the image if the context object is changed but somehow this is not happening. I'm using a Microflow Timer to perform a commit on the Dataview object. Upon reviewing the JS code, I see that there are no subscriptions (that part has been commented out): /* if (this._contextObj) {                 this.subscribe({                     guid: this._contextObj.getGuid(),                     callback: lang.hitch(this, function (guid) {                         this._updateRendering();                     })                 }); … */ Could this be the problem? If so, would there be a workaround? The image is created properly when the page is opened so a page refresh might do the trick. I have however seen a lot of questions on that topic and it is usually not regarded as the way to go. Thanks for any help!
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I would raise an issue on Github

You could try to modify the widget yourself to see what happens. Other sollution would be to force the refresh yourself if that is possible if you know when the object changes.