List view source not showing association

Hi, I followed the advanced learning path “Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills”, and reached to “Match Pages” section: where on the right side of screen (marked with “E” letter) two list views, and the supposed data source: [Team, over association ‘Match_TeamHome’], I chosen data source type: Association, and checked entity selection dialog, but the only path available is: SoccerSquad.Goal_Match/SoccerSquad.Goal! I built domain model exactly as it is in image (section 2.3.1) so what is the solution in this case?
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Hi Sameh,

I believe the 'two list views’ you are referring to, are in fact data views and should be changed to that. Data views show the contents of one object, as opposed to a list view that shows multiple objects. Since a Match is associated to one home team (*-1 relationship), a data view should be used to show that one object. When a data view is used, you should be able to select home team over the association Match_TeamHome.

Afterwards, the Players of the Team can be shown in a list view within the data view of Team.


Hope that helps,



Thanks Thomas, it’s solved.

The description is not accurate “E. Building block: List 1”,

that was the problem.