Time series data in list

I have a timeseries data coming from a Kafka topic I am consuming a message from kafka topic and I have modelled the message as a JSON and created importing mappings for that in mendix now the entity I have created for the mappings is non persistable (I want to keep it as it is). How can I show the json object that I receive in a list view with the import mappings. So I expect in the ouput the data will be shown for few seconds and then it will be gone/changed with new incoming data.   Also please can anyone give me brief about export mappings will that be useful in my case?
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Do you want to have a page that is refreshing itself? A kafka event is something that runs in the background. The data you have, is not available in your user context. I don’t think that there is a way to display it without having it persistable.

If it is running in user context or if your data is in the database, you could use a template grid with auto refresh.


So in your Kafka message, you put a Json with the timeseries data point in, right? So if it JSON, you can use the data mapping function of Mendix to convert it to a data model. 

But I think the Kafka action will be handled in non user context. I don’t understand your process in that case. How has you implemented the conusme of the your Kafka message? This will be triggered in the background, rigtht? How do you decide that you want to receive kafka events, or not? What I could imagine is, that you consume all events and store them locally as persistent object, maybe only temporary for a specific amount of time, and then build your time series chart on that persistent data.