JS snippet animation on click

Hi,   I have a JS snippet on a page which is responsible for one animation based on two buttons click. Everything works fine until I open select page… do some stuff there… then save and return to previous page where this JS snippet is located. The “on click” events, or any other stuff in that snippet stop working. And yes they are set dynamic with “.on” .  i tried with both HTML/JS snippet and this snippet https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/43096/ What I found out is that when it return from page it creates in “source” files debug in browser,  another snippet each time it returns from a page.   How should I implement JS snippet that click events would work through the app for an element that I told him to ? Or perhaps any other ways to trigger animation ?
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Check this widget it might help , as  you can run a script every time