Selection removal in nested list view

Hello all I have a problem I can’t find a solution to with nexted list views. I am listening to the selection with a data view. I want to be able to select an item in the nested level 3 and only have that selected in the whole container (all nexted levels). When I click a new item in level 3 it deselects all other level 3 selections. Is this possible somehow? Its not just a styling issue, I can remove the selection with CSS. Looking forward to any pointers. KR Ron
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Here’s how I’d approach this use case:

  • Add a non-persistable helper entity wrapping the page
  • Add a reference from the helper entity to the entity used in level 3 of your diagram
  • Instead of using the “listen to” functionality in the list view:
    • Set up the “detail” data view on the page to pull the level 3 item over association
    • On click of the level 3 list view item, run a nanoflow that takes your level 3 item and the helper object as inputs. The nanoflow should set the association between the 2 objects
  • The last step is styling. I think you might be able to get away with using the ‘mx-focus’ class or ‘:focus’ pseudo-selector to highlight the selected item. Otherwise, you might need a widget or JS action that toggles a class on the list item.

Thanks Eric, that worked perfect. 

Just the styling is now an issue. When I style the ‘mx-focus’ it works but only until a different element is clicked (eg. Textbox). Then the class dissapears. The ‘:focus’ is not avaliable on list views as far as I tell.

I did think of using an ‘IsSelected’ attribut in the domain model but dont want to store this info in database because other users might be working on the same object.