ListView with 5 columns per row

I have a list view containing product cards.  If I am on medium device or larger, the list view needs to display 5 columns/cards per row.  Otherwise it should show a single product per row on a smaller device. The issue is I cannot figure out how to do this with the bootstrap grid as it is an odd number.  These are the classes of the ListView I am working with: listview-stylingless lv-col-md-2 If I set the column weight for a medium device to 2 as above, I get 6 products per row.  If I set it to 3 I get 4 products per row. What other options do I have to control this? I have tested using a template grid as well, but I don’t see how to make this responsive.  I would prefer to use a list view.
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IOP using bootstrap rows and columns is not the right approach in your case. It would be much more appropriate to use flexbox with media queires. See the following example: