Mendix v6.10.10+ data grid waits for search?

Hello! As the title says, I’m noticing that the data grids for Mendix v6.10.10+ will require me to trigger the search for content to show up, so it’s appearing like it waits for search? Please confirm if this should even be the case, and if so, please let me know if there’s a way to work around this behavior!   Edit: I am aware there is a setting for “Wait for search” for data grids, but on 6.10.10+ I am not seeing the setting. Edit again: It turns out the “Wait for search” option only shows up if the “Show search bar” is set to “With button (initially open)” and I did not know that. (S/O to Mike Kumpf!)
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Look in the properties of your datagrid on the Data Source tab.  You will see an option to wait for search.  Screenshot below:

is the grid you are referencing configured to wait for search?