Grid search widget filters not working after opening and closing of a page

We have the grid search widget ( implemented using the “Multifield” and “Dropdown – Dynamic” widgets connected to a ListView (on the page “Aanvraag_Overview”) with an Xpath Data source without contraints. When someones uses a filter on the page, the ListViewdata is filtered accordingly. When clicking an item in the list, we open a new page with details using the show a page on click action of the ListView. On this page there is a close page button. When using the close page button, we go back to the “Aanvraag_Overview” page and the filter settings are still filled in, but the ListView data is not filtered anymore. What we have tried: - Remove the Sort order of the ListView - Make sure that all the names of the Widgets are unique (Grid search uses this name to select a widget to apply the filters to) Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the filtering issue?
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