ListView Tooltip for each list item

Hi, I am using the BootstrapTooltip (Context) in a listview. The entity I am using for the listview has an attribute “Tooltip”, which is an calculated attribute. So each object has an tooltip attribute. In the BootstrapTooltip (Context) widget I have selected the “Tooltip” attribute as a data source. So I expected that for each of my listview item I will have another Tooltip (based on the attribute value for each object). However, I am getting always the same tooltip for all my listview items.    Is there a way to show the tooltip based on the attribute for each list view item instead of showing the same tooltip for all list view items? Best regards, Ömer
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You (or someone else) need to fix the tooltip widget to connect to the closest html element. Now it is searching for the first element, so all are the same.