iCheck Radio Buttons (Attribute) not visible when selecting colors other than black

iCheck Radio Buttons (Attribute) not visible when I select any color other than Black. If I go to the iCheck tab and select a Color other than black, radio buttons are not visible. I tried every color and only selecting Black makes the radio buttons visible. I updated the ICheck Radio Buttons and ICheck Checkboxes Mendix widgets.
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There is a problem with widget iCheckRadioButtons.
I think the other widget has the same problem.
When you look at the console, you see Errors like 404 - file not found for file: widgets/blue.png
If you know something about custom widgets, maybe you can fix the problem yourself. If not, ask Mendix for support on both widgets.
The mpk-file contains the files widget\ui\flat\_all.css, widget\ui\minimal\_all.css and widget\ui\square\_all.css.
In these files the url for background is invalid.
Change the url for background from background: url(RadioButtonList/widget/ui/flat/<color>.png) no-repeat; / background: url(<color>.png) no-repeat; to background: url(iCheckRadioButtons/widget/ui/flat/<color>.png) no-repeat;

Example: background: url(iCheckRadioButtons/widget/ui/flat/red.png) no-repeat;
                 background: url(iCheckRadioButtons/widget/ui/minimal/red.png) no-repeat;
                 background: url(iCheckRadioButtons/widget/ui/square/red.png) no-repeat;
Do the same for all the other colors.