List view swipe name not found

Hi, I’m having problem with List View Swipe widget. As long as listview source is database, everything works ok. But if datasource is over association it doesn’t find listview name even though it’s placed right beneath listview. Anyone had such problem ?
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I tested this widget by displaying my test app as Hybrid Mobile App. Everything works fine.
My Domain model contains two Entities. Entity one is retrieved by a microflow. Entity two is an association. (1 : *)
List View Swipe is placed directly below the Listview.
Are you sure your target Listview has the same name as your Listview?
I choose “On swipe action left/right:” No action 
Used Mendix version 7.23.4


I found the solution. 

it wasn’t the datasource problem at all. I didn’t notice the visibility attribute of the listview. Even though the listview was visible, having any visibility condition on it stops the list swipe widget to find it, even if list exists.

I moved visibility condition to outer container of both and now it works.