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Hi Mendix Developers, I’m using Excel Importer Module to import excel till now. Although the module is pretty good and easy to configure, but I want to know that is there any other method we can import the excel with mapping. Because from the end user point, this module doesn’t fit.  Can I do it using microflow or any other method? I just wanted to give user a button to import the excel, on the click of that button , user can upload the excel and import the data. Please give your valuable suggestions on this. Thanks in Advance. Regards, Sumesh Arora
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Hi Sumesh,

Definitely! You will have to configure the mapping from the Excel Importer templates page, and you can then retrieve and use that template to import from any file uploaded by the user using the “StartImportByTemplate” Java action from the ExcelImporter module.

Have a look at the Example folder within the ExcelImporter module. More specifically, you’d be interested in the example microflow “IVK_ImportTemplateDocument” which you can duplicate and modify to suit your needs.

Reply to this answer if you have any concerns or additional inquiries :D