Community widget Data Grid Search Filters hides all data in the data grid

I have the following scenario. Web page calls a REST API to extract a list of customers. The list is loaded into a non-persistent entity which is shown on the page. The non-persistent entity is associated with another non-persistent entity which contains the search string. This is the exact scenario from Mendix training materials to invoke REST API.I added widget "Data Grid Search Filters" right after the grid. I run the project locally. When I enter search criteria I see my data appearing the page for a fraction of a second and then the data totally disappears even though the pagination shows 50 records. Then I switch back to my IDE and hit ‘Run Locally’ button again without stopping the application. My page refreshes automatically and now I can see all my data and can filter it all right. Can somebody explain why my data is getting hidden the first time around?! I tested in both IE and Chrome; the behavior is the same.
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