AnyChart JSON Issue (An error occurred in a com.mendix.widget.custom.AnyChart.AnyChart widget)

Hello Everyone, I am implementing AnyChart in my mendix project using the instructions provided at the following link. I am following the link exactly but still I am facing this error message when I use JSON mapping. In case of static the chart works fine. I tried to search this issue in forum but could not find anything. Can anyone please advice on this issue. An error occurred in a "com.mendix.widget.custom.AnyChart.AnyChart" widget. Check updates for the widget in the Mendix App Store or contact the widget developer. Best Regards, Puneet  
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I got this error today while I was testing the input from a json string by attribute. I got this error and some parse errors in the console and the reason for this was probably that I didn't output the right object so the string was empty. When I later tested with the right object, and when I changed the attribute value to none and used the old static data from the building block, still the same error came back and I couldn't get the widget working anymore. 

But, when I moved a new widget from the buildingblocks to my page and then set the attribute, it worked. I don't have a good explanation for this, but It seems that a broke anychart widget cannot be repaired anymore. Try to create a new anychart widget and set your attribute. Also look if the right object is returned in the dataview. Goodluck!