How to remove the focus on the RichText Widget?

Hi, In our project we use the RichText Widget. It is used as a input field on a page which also contains a Listview. When we change something in the listview, for example deleting a row, the Page scrolls up to the .form-control of the RichText widget because the element gets ":focus”.  You will understand that this makes the page very user-unfriendly. So I want to not autmatically have focus on that RichtText widget input field. I;ve tried using the tab-index (0 and -1) but that didn't do the trick. How can I fix this in a nice way?   PS: I don't have this behaviour with any other input field on the page.
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Not sure if this problem still occurs, but in the meantime a few updates of the RichText wiget have been published. Did you already try updating the widget to verify if the problem still exists?