WizardSteps widget throwing error when working with Mendix Studio Pro 8.0

Hi Team, The widget WizardSteps is throwing error when the project got upgraded to Mendix Studio 8.0. Is there any fix available for this error? The error is as shown in the image.  I tried to look into the code but didn’t succeed. Please help me out 
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HI All,

I am able to fix the issue for now and I sharing this so that it might be helpful for someone.

The issue in  here is  stepContext.get is not working and instead we need to call  as “stepContext.attributes[this.statusAttribute].value” then we are able to get the value. So, we can try in this way. If anyone have a better solution for this please kindly share it!

Thanks for your help and support!


If it is updated for the newer Mendix version, try updating the widget in your local project. 

Otherwise you need to contact the developer of the widget.

If you can work in widget, it is easy to debug where the error occurs and see if you can put some workaround.