How to embed a Github html/javascript module in Mendix?

Hi guys I want to implement an external audio library from Github into my Mendix application, so that I can record audio, like on this demo page:  (works on mobile better). What are the steps (the more clear the better) to get the exact same demo page working in a Mendix page? I tried the following:   0 – I have downloaded the repo and past it into theme folder (\WebAudioTrack-maste). Then excluded the javascript code from the index.html file to a seperate javascript file; named onload.js within the same folder (\WebAudioTrack-maste). I seperated the javascript because the html widget can handle it solely as html, i saw there no option that html+javascript (strangely enough). 1 – then added htmlsnippet-html widget point to: \WebAudioTrack-master\index.html 2 – added another htmlsnippet-javascript widget  pointing to: \WebAudioTrack-master\onload.js 3 – added another htmlsnippet-javascript widget  pointing to: \WebAudioTrack-master\WebAudioTrack.js   When I rung the Mx app and look to the console of browser i got these errors: - webaudiotrack is not defined -webaudiotrack is not defined -undefined module   How do I get this working??
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Hi Enzo,

The best way to do this is to create a custom widget with this library in it. Check out some of the documentation below