AutoComplete multiple associations

Hi, My colleagues and I have found the AutoCompleteForMendix widget very helpful when developing applications, for selecting an association based on an attribute. However, we have also found a few situations where similar functionality would be useful for making multiple selections. An example of what we would like can be seen in the sprintr, when one is inviting team members to join an app, shown below. My question is, has anyone found a way to implement this functionality, or found a widget that can do it, in either a 1 – * or * to * association? Thanks for reading.
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Hi Julian,

Im glad you are finding the AutocompleteForMendix widget usfull. It defiently impoves the UX of any mendix app.

As it's been developed and maintained by AuraQ, my recommendation would be to add a feature request to our github and we can see if something like this is possible to add to the current widget

However, have you tried adding a second list view on the page (which can be rendered into badges to give you the same style as the sprintr selection). And when the user selects from the AutoComplete widget you can add their selection to this list, and then clear the AutoComplete widget. This will give the impression that they are building up from a multiselect list.