Pluggable widgets - Use microflow/nanoflow return value

When playing around with the new React-based pluggable widget (Mendix 8), I found that microflow/nanoflow property types are no longer supported and are replaced by ‘actions’. Very cool for actions without a return value, but I haven't found the way to process the result of a microflow or nanoflow. How can this be achieved?
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Hi Johan

in PiW the `` is available but there is no right way of using it. It is not part of the API spec of the Pluggable widgets and is likely to be broken in the future.

For now it is not possible to get data directly back to the Pluggable widget, but work is in progress.

Cheers, Andries


Hi Remco,

You can still use and use the return value in your callback. However, you need the guid of the input parameter and the microflow name as properties in your widget. This worked at least for string return values, I haven't tried this with objects as return value.