Building a custom pluggable widget using react

I created a custom widget according to steps described in and it worked like how they described it to work. But I want to create my own widget, specifically a tree widget not just a text box. So I searched and found this. They have examples where they show the widget and the code. I tried to copy the code which is in js and pasted it in a seperate file in the components folder as .tsx. But it displayed some type errors. So I created a new widget project and chose javascript as programming language and I pasted the code and no errors. But the problem is, in the website they taught using typescript, and I don’t know what’s the equivalent code in javascript. Using this pluggable widget how to add my own custom implementation using react?
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Made some tweaks to the code and changed it to typescript, and used the class name as a tag in the main tsx file and the webmodeler tsx file and it worked.