Dynamic Columns

Hello, Is there any way to make dataGrid/ listView dynamic based on JSON data?
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Hi Vasanthi,

The datagrid extension widget used to do this but its not supported anymore. You could check it out on github to get an idea on how to do this.


Widget can probably help you out https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/216495

Data Grid with variable columns. No more list view in list views!


  • Data Grid, with variable number of columns.
  • Render cell content: attribute, text or user custom to build your onw cell content, including editable inputs.
  • Empty row content message.
  • Empty cell objects can be omitted when "Optimize cell paging" is disabled.
  • On click action on row, column and or cells
  • Choose the default styling of the Data Widget Grid 2 widget, or render it as a plain HTML table without any styling.
  • Options for pagination for Row, Column or non.
  • Structure mode preview in the Studio Pro.