Newbie Question - Add new that replaces Mendix logo in my Project app

How do I replace Mendix logo (“Mendix_dark.png”) with our own logo on the landing page of our Project application? In the following screen -shot of our project in EDIT view, you will see the image highlighted, image detail pane expanded, and the images listed for selecting another image. Our goal is to add our own logo to this list of images to be selected within the app.  How do we do that? James
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Used to do this oldscool by replacing the image itself: theme/logo.png

Then learned that you can do it like Marnix described. So no longer oldscool, but via the Modeler.

Now there is an even better userinterface: the Webeditor, now known as ‘Studio’. If you edit your app in ‘Studio’ then at the left side menu, at the bottom click the paintbrush and it will show you a drag-and-drop interface for the logo.


In your own module, “read non-appstore” or system module you can start your own image collection, where you can add / remove images in png/jpg/svg format (svg is only available in recent mendix versions)
Which you can then use as a replacement in the layouts used by your pages. Which probably reside in the Atlas_UI module in appstore modules.