Accessing Page widgets in the microflow

Hi Team, I am building a shopping cart with Mendix SAP Fiori as frontend and SAP S/4 HANA as backend. I have integrated Mendix with SAP using the Odata connector. I have created a login page with the Authentication widgets (eg, Username Textbox, Password Textbox).  I want to access the values from these textboxes as Constants in my microflow so that I can authenticate the user using the data present in a login table of S/4 HANA system. Currently, I am able to retrieve the data from the S/4 HANA system but am unable to pass parameters from mendix to the web service. Thank you, Rasika    
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I don’t think you can pass the values from the authentication widgets to a microflow. What you could do is create a non-persistent entity with two string attributes (for username and password) and use those to capture a users credentials. Then you can use a mf button to pass that non-persistent entity to a microflow where you retrieve your SAP data to authenticate a user. Once the authentication is passed, you still have to log the user in. You can check out the blog post below that walks through logging a user in.

There is also a module in the appstore for this but the blog has everything you need. I’ll link that as well.


Hope this helps!