Fire JavaScript code on change of row in datagrid

Hi all, I would like to build some functionality to style a datagrid. Obviously I can do this with a HTML snippet with JS content. The problem is that there is interaction with the grid, like sorting, searching, clicking, adding rows. For every of these events I need to add this JS code. The problem with such implementation is that you need to be sure that the datagrid content has updated before the JS code is triggered. This would mean implementing setTimeout and/or setInterval JS functions. This is not a robust solution, hence is not my preferred solution direction. From the datagrid extension widget in know that there is an event called ‘_gridbodyFillRow’ and with dojo.aspect.around this could be achieved. Before I build this I would like to check if there are other solutions for this. Who knows the correct functions of the API for the datagrid to connect to?      
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