unable to get attribute of the entity in Tab Switcher widget

Hi, I’m using ‘TabSwitcher’ widget to switch from one tab to other on click of a link present on the home tab. But unable to get attribute of the entity in the selection box which need to be selected which triggers the tabindex to tab switcher for switching. Can anyone help?  
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Edit 27-6-2019

Easiest would be:

  • Create a non-persistent Helper Entity;
  • Give it an attribute, let's call it _tabPaneIndex and it is an integer;
  • add the TabSwitcher widget in the page below the Tab Container widget you want to be targeted;
  • Connect the widget to the Tab Container, by giving the Tab Container a specific CSS class and adding that as well in the TabSwitcher settings;
  • Set the Tab Attribute in the Tab Switcher widget to the _indexTabPane attribute;
  • Create the Link with a Microflow being triggered on click;
  • In this microflow, change the _indexTabPane attribute to the correct Tab Pane you want to show (keep in mind first tab pane has index 0)
  • Make sure to refresh the entity in  your microflow.


This should make sure your page is swtched to the -by you set in the microflow- correct tab pane index.


Hi Shreya,

I’d recommend against using the TabSwitcher widget: it has community support and the latest version dates back to January 2013, built for mx2.5.0 


Hi Ivo,

I’m trying to switch to other tab on a link click present on home tab. I tried linking microflow to tabswitcher widget but its giving me result on page load but I want tab switching on the click event of the link. 

Can you suggest me the correct way to acheive it in mendix?