What is Display Template and Template Attributes in Multi-Select Widget?

Hi all, I have updated my BootstrapMultiSelectForMendix widget from appstore in my application. I got few errors like 'Display Template' and 'Template Attributes' are required. I didn't understand what exactly they are. Can anyone help me with this. Which values do I need to provide for this required fields. Thanks.
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These fields determine the text the user will see for each option in the reference set.  

For instance, if the entity I am selecting from is called Event with attributes Title, Start and End, you could have a Template that looks like this:

${Title} ${Start}-${End}

and then define these attributes in the Template Attributes section to see something like this displayed for an Event

Seminar 1 9:00AM-11:00AM


Hi venkatesh,

The template is a template for the ‘view’ of your widget. The template attributes are the attributes from which the values will fill the tokens in the template.

For example, a template could be

{1} – {2} 

Where the token attributes could be:

{1} Name

{2} Country

This would result in a view like:

Name value – Country value

Note – I am not sure how the tokens need to be formatted, this is just a generic example.