UI/Widgets question

Hi, I wanted to get some suggestions as to what UI/widgets..will be best suited to do the following( I am experimenting with what I can in the meantime.  User  has list of applications.. Based on the previous selection, he has list of releases . I think I have clarity up to this, on how to do. For the above combination, it has list of dependencies For each dependency (it may have zero to some number (single digit only) dependencies that it ihas, I need to show information for each dependency.   I appreciate any guidance/suggestions on this. Thanks in advance, Manyam
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Depending on how much screen space you have this sounds to be easily solved with some listviews or templategrids and ‘listen to’ dataviews showing lists of your entities where you can constrain by xpath on your dependencies

But without knowing exactly what you would like to display information wise it’s hard to advise on any UX/UI stuff.