AutoComplete for Mendix App - Error when trying to search within a calculated attribute

Hello everyone, I’m using the AutoComplete for Mendix App in my Project to make input suggestions to the user when he is entering his information.  The source/attribute I want to search in to make the suggestions is a calculated attribute filled by a microflow (String). This is not working for me at the moment, I get the error in the screenshot. However, the App is working fine when using a stored attribute. I’m searching via XPath in the autoComplete App.  Is there a way to solve this?    Best regards    Jan 
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The error states that it's looking for an assocation named NameSurname, but it can't find it (because it's actually an attribute I assume)

However, the issue probably is that you can't use a Calculated Attribute for this, since these attributes aren't saved in the database, and thus can't be used with XPath.


Dear Jan,

The widget can use search XPath query on calculated attribute, as the attribuet is not storred in the DB. However i noticed the widget also support search type Microflow, you could give this a try, as the calculated values will done server side and send to the server!


Cheers, Andries 


Thank you for your answers, and Paul, thanks for the hint! I was already suspecting this. 

I did a workaround, using a microflow to fill the contents of a data view whilst also copying the values into a stored attribute which allowed me to use the autocomplete widget with XPath again. 

Thanks for your suggestion Andries. I will have a look into it for future use. 

Cheers, Jan