Year and month range select

I want to add fields in my page called Year and Month. In the year field I want the user to be able to select 2018 and 2019 only. In the month field I want the user to select all the months but if the user selects the month after the current month and the same year it should give a message not a validation rule just a popup message. It should allow the user to select but say something like ‘ There is no data for the month of September ’. What is the best way to do this/
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From the enumerations selected from the drop downs you can do exclusive splits within your miroflow. For example. If they selected 2019 and may. Have a split for which year then which month. Then in the xpath retrieve all the records from may 2019. If you don't understand how to retrieve these records this may help

Within the miroflow you would just use a show message box dependent on which route they took through the miroflow…




So your page has a dataview for EntityXY which has one attribute of type DateTime which you will fill with the combined values of pagefields Year and Month.

For the year-dropdown have it use an enumeration with only two options, “This year” and “Previous year” (or “Last year”, whatever your user’s understand best).

For the month-field: add a on-change microflow handling the check: “if year is ‘This year’ and month > now then sendmessage. Otherwise create the date-value and store it in your entity.