Pluggable Widgets - Microflow/Nanoflow Return Value and Parameters

I’m trying to call a microflow in the new React-based pluggable widget. I’ve found that the microflow/nanoflow property types have been replaced by the new action type, and the microflow/nanoflow can then be used by calling .execute() on it. This works for microflows/nanoflows that don’t have a return value, but what about ones that do. How am I supposed to access the return value of a microflow/nanoflow? I also don’t see any way to pass in parameters to the microflow/nanoflow such as the old way of using a GUID?
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Dear Kyle,

At the  moment we are not supporting all features for pluggable widgets. For now you can only execute an action but take in the return value. Maybe for your use case it might be sufficient to receive data from the context attribute. Do you have some more information on your use case?

We are currently working on the extension of the framework include datasources. For now we cant give a timeline on the arrival.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the framework.

Cheers, Andries