Need to save image with PhoneGap Camera widget

Hi Mendix Community, I have requirement in application where I have form and in that form I need to perform 3 things for a single record: 1)  I need to click  photo by accessing my phone camera  ( this part I have achieved by the PhoneGap Camera Widget ( availale in app store) 2) Need to save this photo at some location . (Stuck here) 3) Need to show that photo while editing the same record. (Stuck here) Could anyone give an idea how i can achieve 2 and 3 goal with mendix platform ? Thanks in advance for any guidance.      
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Hi Vivek,

1) You need to place the camera widget in an entity i.e. picture which has System.Image as generalization.

2) From the widget you need to specify the ‘On save microflow’. Create microflow that saves your picture entity.

3) You can use the same on save microflow to open a new page with your picture using the imageView widget.