Calendar widgets

Which one of the Calendar widgets is more suitable for user interactions executed via Rest API?  I want to POST and GET data from and to a SharePoint calendar with having these requests executed in the Mendix environment, similar to that documentation:, and represent these information in one of the calendar widgets.  And is there any documentation or best practice for setting up an approach like that?  Best regards, Robert    
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I think both calendar widgets can manage your case. Both have the option of a datasource microflow to fill the calendar with events.

Most of the time i personaly use the Calendar Widget.This has out of the box more view options then the other one(for example setting the slot duration for day & week view). However if you are a bit handy you can probably add this stuff in the other widget yourself.

The calendar widget uses thejavascript fullcalendar: this has a lot of options.


The regular Calendar from the appstore might be more lean and mean to implement(since it has a little less options) nice feature there is that you can set the color of the events with a string attribute( the calendar widget uses an enum for this).

Hope this helps;)